I discovered that I actually like working outside in the recently rained upon garden.  The air was fresh and moist against my skin.  It felt lovely.

It was also more than usually quiet.  Most people seemed to be staying home after the holidays; traffic light because of the rain.  We’re Californians, after all.  We don’t know how to drive in inclement weather.  That’s only partly a joke.  You need experience to know how drive in rain or snow.

I spent some time on wreath maintenance.  My succulent wreath had gotten way out of hand.  So I cut of the bits that had gotten too leggy and stuck them through the slats on the table next to my chair.  There’s actually a reason for that.  The plants will start growing, the stems bending and curling towards the light, in just a couple of days.  If I put them through the slats, they grow straight up and are easier to stick into the wreath.

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