Back out into the yard today.  May be my last chance for 4 or 5 days.  We’re supposed to have 3 big storms moving through.  We need the rain, but, oh my, the mudslides that could come with that much rain.

 Been clearing vine from the wall.  As I worked it occurred to me that the hard part of gardening is not the get things to grow, but to get them to stop.  All of my problems with the garden are not things that won’t grow, but things that just want to take over.  Much of it stuff that I didn’t know what it was and decided to let it go for a while. 

I make about 4 feet of progress per day on the wall.  I have to finish pretty soon.  I’m clearing the dead leaves, and bits of dead twig and I can see leaf buds.  Leaves are going to be sprouted before I get to the end of the wall.

I couldn’t stand to be out there and just work on the wall so I do a couple of general maintenance tasks, sweep, prune dead growth, trim stuff that’s getting overgrown.  In between I work on the wall.

We really need the rain, but I’d really like to make a dent in the work I need to do before spring gets here.  I have tomatoes and lettuces sprouting now.  Every year I forget that now is the time for planting.  At least this year, when I got the Burpee seed catalog, I ordered right away.  I didn’t wait and think about it.  I picked some different tomatoes and a couple of other things and placed my order.

I really don’t need to wonder when to plant.  My yard tells me.  Last year I thought I’d lost a couple of my tropicals when we had below freezing weather, but they all came back.  Even the orchids came through OK. 

I’ve been cleaning out the pots where I put the vegetables, putting in an organic fertilizer a layer of compost and for some, the bananas and the qumquat tree, a layer of mulch.

Feels good to feel productive.

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