A happy Christmas

Had a great Christmas.  Woke up at five and started thinking about what I needed to do, so I just go up and started doing it.

Spent quite a while cracking macadamia nuts.  The only way it can be done without a specialized nutcracker, in a vice.  Most of them ended up slightly squished, but they were well accepted anyway.

Cut up some vegetables, cleaned a bit, wrapped the last present and headed over to my parents house and dug into preparations for dinner.  Spouse and my stepson and his girlfriend showed up first, were given treats and put to work as well.  There’s a whole assembly process for dinner table, a contraption my Dad made so we could all sit at the same table.

My sisters arrived shortly thereafter.  Presents were opened and ooh and ahhed and thanks were given.

The best part of the whole deal was that everyone was there, and I love them all.  There was a brother-in-law we had for a while that I wanted to push out the door with a cattle prod, we’ve had personnel changes for the better since.  When I hugged everyone goodbye and said it had been good to see them I wasn’t lying even a little.  The warm fuzzy feelings are still making me smile.

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