An overload of crazy

It was just too much.  One after the other they come into the office or call on the phone or send mail.

Yesterday it was all 3. 

Most of the time the folks with mental issues are difficult and annoying, but not frightening.  Yesterday we had 2 that were frightening.

One was a wild-eyed guy who stalked all over the lobby waving his bible and tell us we would be saved by Jesus.  After a couple of minutes of it I asked him to leave and he did.  He then proceded to the other floors to preach to them.  He was eventually escorted from the building.

The second was a blind man, looking as though he’d been living on the street who wanted to talk to the Mayor.  His conversation, such as it was, was unpredictable.  He could hardly string a sentence together.  The entire time he was here I felt that at any moment he might start swinging his cane around wildly.   The receptionist actually hit the panic button on the phone.  Every man on the floor was in the lobby in less than 15 seconds.  He left, all the men left, and then he came back.  Security escorted him out and he went to the building across the street to scare them.  He was escorted from there as well. 

Then there were the phone calls.  The guy (one of our regulars) calling and ranting about the new water treatment procedures.

And bizarre mail.  An enevloped, painted red and green with what looks like finger paint.  The entire envelope, where not stuck with shiny Santa or Batman stickers is written on.  One small corner was left unpainted where an address, inaccurate, was written.  Inside is a newspaper clipping of a bus route.  One which passes no where near our city.

When I went to lunch, there was the lady wearing the Santa hat with snowman antenae, a red and white scarf around her neck (80 degrees out!) and such assortment of bells on the cord that holds her work ID that she sounded like a sleigh going by. 

By the time I got back from lunch I was ready to hide under my desk.  Yeesh.

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