I kind of wonder if it will matter in the end.  The whole global warming thing.  And the population issue.

When we run out of oil, I’m not sure how much global warming we can do.  We are going to run out of oil.  It’s a finite resource.  The earth, like a battery, stored up a lot of energy for a very long time.  But like a battery, there’s only so much of it and we’re using our heaters and hair driers and SUV’s like the oil fields were bottomless.  I live in an area where there were oil fields.  The one that was less than a mile from my childhood home is now a shopping mall.  I don’t know what the average life span of an oil field is, but I’ve lived long enough to know that they run out.

So when we run out of oil, what’s going to happen?  Everyone thinks it’s about cars.  Cars are the least of our worries.  Think packaging.  Everything’s packaged in plastic.  Petroleum based plastic.  I’m kind of wondering if returnable bottles will come back.  Might not be a bad thing.

Greenhouse gases will certainly be less of a problem if we can’t drive.  That issue will solve itself.  Biofuels are not the answer.  Corn is certainly not the answer.  Ethanol from corn is just a diversion.  Corn products are in a large percentage of the food in the supermarkets.  We can either eat, or drive.

I feel incredibly lucky to have lived most of my life in a time when many people didn’t have to slave just to survive.  My grandparents had incredibly difficult lives.  I, on the other hand, have a car and a television and a computer.  Right now I’m savoring all of those things.  Change is coming.  I don’t know when.  I don’t know the magnitude.  I don’t know how humanity will respond.  I can only do what I can.  Work my way towards sustainability and hope we’re up to the challenge.

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