Hunter cat

Ash decided that this was the weekend for catching things.  Or maybe there were just things around for her to catch so she did.

One of the catchees was a mouse.    I think.  I came out from cleaning the atrium and it was on the floor in the living room, surrounded by staring cats.   It didn’t really look like a mouse.  Didn’t look like a baby rat.  Spouse thought it was a possum, but possums look like possums regardless of age.  I kind of thought shrew, but it had the long rodent tail.  It was just sitting there, waiting to die.  It had smaller ears, a larger head and pointier face than any rodent I’ve seen before.  I still wonder exactly what it was.

In any case, I could neither let the cat kill or or kill it myself so I put it out in back of the house.  I’ll probably be sorry I did that, but I still couldn’t kill it.

Then she found a praying mantis and was trying to decide if it was edible.  That, too got  removed to a cat-free zone.  My cat may not be the smartest feline on the planet, but she has the instincts down pat.

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