A varied experience

Yesterday I helped out with a visit from some delegates from Japan. 

Initially I helped lead them around our new museum.  There I was followed about by one of the sponsor’s husbands because I commented on the origami he was folding as he wandered about.  I was also the unwilling receiver of the information that his wife had asked him to stay home because she didn’t know what to do with him.  After 20 minutes of him following me about handing me origami I knew how she felt.

I also discovered when I went to the restaurant for the delegate dinner that having a Jack Skellington sticker on your car is good for an in with the parking valets.  Both on arrival and departure the valets commented on my sticker.  While I am a fan of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” I mostly put it on to differentiate my car from the thousands of other black Hondas in Southern California.

I also had a little, 80-year-old Japanese lady try to con me.  Well, sort of.  Apparently it’s traditional to exchange gifts after such a dinner and everyone did.  The little (I’m 5 foot nothing and she was shorter than me by at least 8 inches) lady gave me a coin purse, telling me through the interpreter that she’d made it herself.  Thanks, ma’am, but the ‘Made in China’ sticker kind of gives it away.

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