Slight repreive

While the air still smells of burning and a great depressing pall still hangs over the basin, at least winds have died down a lot.  Humidity has gone from 6% to 18%.  My nose is happy about the humidity.

My sister and her husband sent photos of one of the fires taken from their balcony.  That hits close to home in more ways than one.

Depressing is the word that keeps coming to mind for me.  It’s depressing to hear the winds howling around the house, knowing that they’re pushing the fires faster than the fireman can try to control them.  Depressing to look outside at the orange sky.  Depressing to see the ash falling and think “someone’s home, their baby pictures, their marriage license.” 

Depressing to think of the millions of non-human creatures that will have died in these fires and no one thinks of them at all.

 Rabbit death by fire

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