At least this time I’m armed

It’s very depressing to go out into the yard when the wind is like this.  All 4 of the water pots are literally covered with leaves and other debris.  The annual brown snow of seeds from the lacebark elms has begun.  At least this time I’m armed.  I got a combination leaf blower/vacuum.  I’ll blow as much of the crap as I can into a corner of the patio and then suck them all up.  It’s a little on the large side for 5 foot nothing me, b

I wish I had enough room for a compost pile.  Well, I could make room for a compost pile.  I had a worm composter for a long time.  I just don’t have enough bare earth to use the results. 

I’m going to wait a couple of days for the winds to die down before I try picking stuff up.

It’s weird, the wind gets into your head after a while.  I keep hearing my windchimes, even though I took them down 2 days ago so they wouldn’t drive the neighbors crazy.

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