It won’t be the disease

If I die because of lupus it won’t be the disease that kills me.  It’ll be the meds I have take.  And it’ll be my own damn fault.

It won’t really be the meds, it’ll be the way I take them.

After the really bad lupus flare lo, those many years ago I was left with pretty severe kidney damage.  Kidney damage causes high blood pressure and high blood pressure causes kidney damage.  A nice little vicious circle.  At one point I was on 6 different blood pressure medications, including Minoxidil, more familiar to most in the topical application, Rogaine.  Now that stuff will put hair on your chest.  Literally.

Currently I only take four different types of bp meds.  Minoxodil is fortunately no longer on the list.  I really didn’t look good with a mustache.  I have been taking the same ones for about 20 years.

There have been a couple of med taking mishaps that are kind of scarey.  A couple of times I’ve taken them twice.  I sort them out into one of those multiple times a day for a week things.  I only take them once a day, so I can set up a month’s worth at a time.  Both of the times I took more than one day’s worth I’d reached the end of the month, refilled it and then couldn’t remember if I taken them and ended up taking them again.  One of those times I ended up in the emergency room and all sorts of embarrassment.

I’d tried to get clever the last time I had them refilled and asked my mail order prescription firm to fax the request. My doc doesn’t refill by fax.  Phone calls back and forth ensued and in the end one of them didn’t get refilled.  For the last six months I’ve been getting refills on one prescription at our local pharmacy.  The end result was that for the first time in 20 years I ran short on one pill.

I discovered that I’d run out on Saturday night.  The pharmacy is closed on Sunday.  I figured one day, one pill, won’t kill me.  Well, it obviously didn’t kill me, but it sure as heck made me miserable.  I slept very little on both Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday I had several nightmares that woke my husband who then woke me.  And despite the very little sleep, I was glad to be woken out of those nightmares. 

Last night I got back on track and slept the night through.  Still a bit groggy, but worlds better than the disorientation of yesterday.  All that for one pill. 

One thought on “It won’t be the disease

  1. glad you are feeling better now, thank goodness for pills 🙂

    I notice that i am on your blogroll, thanks. I will add you to mine,

    love meg x

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