The stepson and his girlfriend came over on Thursday night.  They actually made it on time.  Will wonders never cease.

We went to see them shortly after Christmas last year.  We were supposed to stay for a few hours and then go home.  Stepson commented that he didn’t know how he was going to maintain a conversation with us for 2 hours.  I think my eyebrows would have risen over my head entirely if they could have.

This time that didn’t seem to be an issue.  We took them out to dinner, no big surprise. Conversation never lagged.  We talked about everything from school to tattoos.

I actually like his girlfriend.  She’s a positive influence on him.  She’s actually taking a biology class with him so she can help him through it.  Can’t ask for much more dedication than that. 

He actually has a plan for the next six years.  My astonishment knows no bounds.  I’ve personally thought that you can’t actually improve your life without a plan to improve your life.  I’d kiss his girlfriend, but that would probably scare her and we don’t want that.

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