The stepson is coming over tonight.  He and his girlfriend are going to stay the night here and go to a concert in the area tomorrow.  He’s supposed to be here around 6 pm, but with OC traffic, I think a trifle later is more likely.

 He’s going to college, or was a couple of weeks ago.  I predict a thinly veiled request for money.  I’m happy that he decided to go to school, even if it was only because the girlfriend was going.  But he’s never been a good student and he’s taken a full load of classes.  He took a lot of remedial stuff in high school.  I read with him when he was with us, but I’m not sure that doing that stuff starting at 14 has quite as much as it would if he’d done it when he was younger.  I’m worried that he might have bitten off a little too much for his first time in college.

One thought on “Visitor

  1. Well, anything productive can’t be all bad. Even if he has to drop a couple of classes for the first term. BTW, I’m just catcihng up. I love that caterpillar picture!!

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