Another Lori lunch

Had another Lori lunch yesterday.  Finally bought myself some new shoes.  Not only did I do the Lori think and run errands on my lunch hour, I went to a store she suggested.  A large self-service shoe store.  Perfect.  No standing around for someone to wait on me.  Just browsing the aisles ’til I see something I like, try them on.  If they fit, buy them and go.

I don’t buy shoes the way normal women do.  My husband has more shoes that I do.  If I find a pair I like I buy them in black and brown and that’s generally enough to see me through a year or more.  But it was so easy to get these I might just be able to get myself to go buy more. 

 I’ll have to keep that impulse in check.  Having less crap, including shoes, is a good thing.  It keeps life simple.  Do I wear the brown ones or the black ones?  Deciding what to wear is one of the banes of my existence.  I can’t even imagine what it’s like for people that have to match their shoes to their outfits and their purses to their shoes.  Make-up, jewelry, stockings, scarves.

What I should probably do is line up my outfits in my closet and just go through them 1, 2, 3.  Decision making problem solved.   That actually sounds like a pretty good idea for me.  No one is going to notice that I have a ‘Tuesday’ outfit.  If I line things up in advance it will measurably streamline my mornings.  Hmmm.

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