Galapagos, too

We have been talking about going to the Galapagos since the Peru party.

We’ll be going with some of our favorite folks from out other travels.  My Dad is trying to talk my Mom into going.  Don’t know how well that’s going to work out, as Mom hasn’t been in the best physical shape and hiking around would not be her favorite thing.  At least this trip will be comparatively short.  Two weeks or less.

 I ordered a Spanish language program today.  Not really for the trip, but sort of.  I’d like to be better at the local language than I was on the Peru trip, and I did OK there.  But if I up my Spanish skills enough I’ll qualify for a better pay grade here at work.  And when you live in Southern California speaking the language of a big percentage of the population is never a negative.

The little happy dance me is dancing away inside my head again.  Sometimes she breaks out and I do a little jig on the outside.  It confuses my co-workers, but I don’t mind.

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