Went to mom-in-law’s house this weekend.  She hasn’t been able to afford cable or a dish since October.  We’d gotten her a DVD player a while back, but it would work with her tv, so we got her a new one of those as well.  We’re going to start paying her cable bill as well.

She lives in San Bernardino, which is usually about 10 degrees hotter than where we live.  And it was.  Walking out of her house was like walking into a furnace.  Ick. 

 Back home really wasn’t much better.  The only time I could manage sitting on the patio was when I brought a bowl of ice with me and applied it liberally, internally and externally.

My stupid foot got better, then got worse, then got better, and now is worse.  At least it was in the worse phase for my visit with my doctor today.  He great at giving dire predictions and the worst he had this time was ‘maybe tendonitis with a cyst.’  MRI tomorrow.  Oh boy!  Nothing like hanging around inside a metal tube while someone hammers on it.  Maybe they’ll only do the lower half, as it’s only in my foot at this point.

On the good side, at least the heat has broken.  80’s instead of 100’s.  I definitely like that.

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