The Cactus Man is gone

I’ve actually known that he was gone for a while, but I wasn’t sure why.  When I went to his shop and he wasn’t there I assumed that whatever happened wasn’t good. 

I’d been going to his shop for more than 20 years.  He’d had it there for much longer than that.  I remember seeing the shop when I was a kid, going to the beach with the babysitter.  Something we did almost daily.  It was my halfway mark.  “We’re halfway to the beach now!” 

When I got older and interested in plants, and could drive, I drove down and went in.   From there I would drive on down the bonsai store.  

I still have many of the plants bought there.  Some older than my stepson.  He had unusual and rare species, many grown from seed.

I found out from an on-line phone directory that the Cactus Man did indeed die.  His wife kept the store open odd hours for a while, but she finally gave it up and the store has been closed for six months or more.  I’m still greiving.

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