I have run into a new difficulty.  Finding a bookcase.  One that will accommodate more than just your basic paperback or bestseller size book.  I have a ton of art books.  Probably literally.  Quite a few of them reside in the bookcase in the space under our stairs.

 One night several weeks ago we hear a loud crashing noise, but couldn’t figure out what it was.  A few days later I noticed that the particle board shelf had given way under the weight of the books.  They were only held up by pegs less than 1/2 long.  Little surprise they finally gave up their burden.

Now that I’m an adult person (maybe) I feel that I should try to get something that doesn’t come in a box that I have to assemble.  And isn’t made of particle board.  I’ve come to despise particle board.  We had a leak in the kitchen from the garbage disposal, since replaced and the entire cabinet under the sink pretty much disintegrated.  I’ll put up with plywood, but particle board is a definite no.  We’ve had this experience with other items as well when me, a cat or the stepson got something liquid on any of the many particle board based items in the house.

The only problem is that I can’t find a decent bookshelf not made of particle board.  Everything seems to be made for ‘media storage.’  Storing cd’s or dvd’s.  Shelf depth maybe 10 inches, usually less.  I’m not a carpenter, but I’m beginning to wish I was.

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