I have finally started taking my lunch to work.  I had/have a place where I usually eat lunch.  Mostly at least moderately healthy stuff.  Veggie or turkey sandwich on whole wheat.  Vegetable soup, some nice salads.  But they serve everything in stryrofoam.  I took a look at how much trash I was making just eating my lunch.  Styrofoarm bowl for soup/salad, plastic cup with lid for salad dressing, little styrofoam cup for the fruit that comes with the meal, styrofoam cup/bottle or can for a drink, a sheet of paper for the tray it’s served on.  I was ashamed of myself. 

If I bring my own lunch I can have a greater variety of food that I’ve made myself.  I know what’s in it.  And all the trash I create is one paper napkin.  I made a lentil soup last night that turned out really good.  A great big pot of it.  I figured cook once for 2 or 3 meals.  I’ll get at least 2 lunches out of it.  Might even be able to stretch it to another dinner if I pair it with a good salad.

I’ve also been taking the stairs down.  I havent’ made to climbing the whole 7 flights of stairs up yet, but I go down the stairs at least a couple times a day.  And I’ve been getting off the elevator a couple of floors early and walking up the last couple.  Seven flights of stairs up would leave me sweaty and disheveled at this point.  Which wouldn’t go over very well with the bosses.

A couple more baby steps on the way to better than yesterday.

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