Farmer’s market

One of the great advantages of working where I do is the farmer’s market.  Just walking through it, the smell of the fruits and vegetables, the colors everything make me smile.  The opportunity to buy local produce is great.

Yesterday I was cruising the net for veggie recipes and found a couple that sounded pretty good.   But we didn’t have quite enough of the ingredients to make either one.  Carrots and celery do not a pasta primavera make.  It’s also a bit difficult to make black beans and avocado without the avocado.

The Spouse does the grocery shopping and I always manage to forget to put stuff on the list.  But once a week to the store comes to me.

There’s a Thai farmer who made the mistake of giving me a piece of lemon grass to grow.  And it did and I use it.  The guy is great.  He gives me cooking tips as well as free lemon grass.  I tried today to get him to keep the change from my purchase.  Instead he told me a story how he rode the buses  back home and how I might need the change to buy a soda. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake to give me a stalk of lemon grass to grow.  Even though I don’t buy lemon grass anymore I always stop and buy something from him when he’s there.

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