The Spouse took a weedwhacker to the crocosmia growing in the back of the house.  Crocosmia taught me a valuable lesson.  If someone is giving away plants it’s probably because they have too many.  And if they have too many it’s probably because the plant is bent on world domination. 

 Once they were cut down to stubs I poured 3 gallons of vinegar over the bed.  Tonight I’ll cut weed cloth to fit and pin it down over the whole bed.  Hopefully between the vinegar and the weed cloth it will be the end of the crocosmia. 

Some friends of my parents gave them a bag of the bulbs.  My mom gave them to me and I’ve been sorry ever since.  I like the flowers, but the leaves tend to get rust mold and they die at the end of the season.

I’ll give the soil a few months to recover from the vinegar and then I’ll plant day lilies through holes in the cloth.

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