I hate it when I get ideas

I have a new idea for something to do with the front yard and it’s driving me crazy.  To accomplish this idea I’d have to tear out everything I’ve planted thus far, remove the mulch and start over.

It’s not the idea of the work that bothers me, although I’ll procrastinate for months given the chance.  It’s that I’ve grown fond of some of the plants as individuals.  Yeah, I know, that’s just about as silly as it can be, but I am.

There’s the lavender.  I’ve killed more lavender plants that I want to count.  The only place they’ll live is in the front yard.  Everywhere else they just don’t get quite enough sun or get too much water.  The one out front seems to bloom from March to September and the bees love it.

And the day lilies.  I didn’t used to like day lilies.  They’re pretty, but you can’t use them for cut flowers.  But they are about as carefree a plant as you can buy, so not too long ago I bought 3 one gallon plants in different colors.  I got the brilliant idea that I should divide them.  Get more plants for my money.  So divide them I did and they’re all flourishing.  Even the ones I dug up and left in a bucket in the garage for a week when we had to have a gas leak fixed.

 What I’m thinking of doing out there is putting in a succulent garden.  With river rock edging and stone mulch it could look really cool.  It would be a good place to put the large cement sculpture I’ve been working on for the last year.  If I can think of someplace to put the day lilies I’ll probably do it.

Unfortunately, the place that I bought cacti and succulents for years has gone out of business.  It was in the same place for 40 years, one man’s life work.  He died and his wife kept it going for a little while, but now it’s gone.  I have plants that I bought there decades ago.

I’m going to have to do a little shopping to track down the plants that I want.  I’ve got several in mind.  One thing they can’t have is thorns.  I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with cacti and thorns are just not on the list.

When I was a kid I fell into a neighbor’s cactus and removing the spines involved pliers and an exacto knife.  Then when I was older I had a small tray of cacti in my windowsill.  In it was a type of cactus called “cinnamon cactus.”  The spines were hair fine and they would come out  if you brushed up against it.  A piece of it fell into my bed.  So no spines!

3 thoughts on “I hate it when I get ideas

  1. I’m pondering about working on my front garden we lost a large tree to dutch elm this year they figured the tree was about 80 yrs old so I’m having to adjust from a shade garden to sun the hosta’s are burning no more pondering I better get to work any ideas on how to kill mint its taking over Thanks Good luck with your cacti or succulent garden it will be beautiful

  2. On the cactus note… Ouch! These days that is about all that trives in our climate in the summer. I tried the day lillies this year and it was a bust. They died when the temps went up.

    HI, just surf

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