Going home

Sometimes whining has it’s uses.

We had a 9 am flight scheduled with a 4 hour drive to the airport. We got up at 2:30 am and were out the door before 3.

We returned the car and got to the airport with no problems, but when we went to check in we found that our flight had been cancelled. The flight they had put us on required a 5 hour wait in the airport and a layover in Houston. To say that I was not pleased was putting it mildly.

Northwest has self service check-in. You enter your reservation number, tell the machine how many bags you’re checking and they counter people check your id, tag your bag and off you go.

But I whined. Not loudly, and not at the people behind the counter, as I do know it wasn’t their fault. I kind of asked in their general direction if it was possible to get an earlier flight, but I wasn’t even sure that they could handle that stuff anymore. But when she checked our bags, she asked for our boarding passes and worked on the computers behind the counters. A couple of minutes later she handed us new tickets. Our new flight left slightly earlier than the first one with a plane change in Vegas. And we’d been upgraded to first class from Detroit to Las Vegas. It may have been the first useful whine of my life.

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