More vacation


Originally uploaded by lorinda3l2000.

We did have a couple of overcast days, but the good days were just gorgeous.

When we first got to the house we had, of course, to go shopping. Stock up on supplies for the week. The Spouse and I set off to stock up on beverages, beer, soda, etc.

We were walking through the frozen food section wondering if frozen pizza would be a good choice for one night’s dinner. We passed a lady and her son and she said “Now where at those taquitos?” She pronounced it ‘tah-qwee-toes.’ We looked at eachother and burst out laughing. That’s one way to tell that you’re not in Southern California. We don’t all speak Spanish, but you better believe we have food vocabulary down pat.

The story got repeated and I think ‘taqueetos’ have been added to the family vocabulary.

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