All of the tomato plants that I have this year are volunteers.  Plants that came up on their own.  This doesn’t surprise me, as that’s been the case for the last 3 or 4 years.  The seeds that make it to the ground decide that they’re going to come up when they come up, which is usually long before I ever even think about planting stuff.

The bush just to the left of my chair has had a truly incredible infestation of caterpillars this year.  In the last few days I’ve picked off (don’t tell my sister, she’d have a fit of the heebie jeebies) no less than 40 pale green worms that just about exactly match the color of the underside of the leaves.  Again, no suprise, they are what they eat.

I won’t use pesticides and squishing them is yucky, not to mention the mess, so I just throw them in the trash.  Why so freakin’ many this year?  If I wasn’t fairly diligent about picking them off the plant would be entirely without leaves, much less tomatoes.  I think they’re probably moth larva.  They look the same as cabbage butterfly caterpillars, but I’ve seen nary a one, so I’m thinking not.  I suppose, if I was really ambitious I could keep one through larva to adulthood but so far all I really want is tomatoes.

2 thoughts on “Volunteers

  1. Hello, just stumbled upon you thru Kitchenlogic… About the tomato worms, you probably already know this, but you might want to move your tomato plants to a different location each year, to stay one step ahead of those critters. I call it “small-time crop rotation.”

  2. I haven’t planted tomatoes for years but decided to put in enough to make salsa this year. I’ve got tomatoes now the size of golf balls – I’m so excited! I’m sure I’ll be making salsa by the time we get back from our trip.

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