Lotus Bud

When we were in Cambodia I saw lotus plants everywhere. They even had them in pots in front of many homes and restaurants. That got me thinking.

Now some lotus plants are huge, with leaves a couple of feet across. But I figured if there are big ones, there are probably small ones, too. And this spring I went looking and found some that were purported to be a good size for pots.

I got the bare sections of root and appropriate soil (silt) put them in plastic nursery pots and filled the water pot up around them. For weeks they were bare roots, weighted down with stones. Then as the weather warmed, a few leaves.

Yesterday I went outside and noticed this.

One thought on “Lotus Bud

  1. How exciting! I used to have two large ponds in my backyard full of koi and water lilies. Our seasons are way too short to grow lotus here, but they are SO beautiful.

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