Shaving the cat

So today I spent rather a lot of time shaving the cat. 

No, not that, to those of you with dirty minds.  A real feline.

One of our cats, the rescue cat, has long hair.  Loooonnnngggg hair.  The roomba hates it.  I’m not very fond of it.  And the cat spends her summers as close to the floor as she can manage.  Not to mention the hair-ball barfage.

 So I decided that we should thin her hair.  Easier said than done.  We’ve bought brushes, combs and shedding blades over the years, and none of them have worked.

This year I bought a razor comb.  If you’re old enough, there were commercials for them.  “Do-it-yourself” haircuts.  I looked and looked and finally found one.  A razor inside a comb.   One side for the longer cut, one side for the short.

I didn’t really think it would work.  I thought we’d end up with a very choppy-haired cat.  I didn’t think the cat would care much.  At worst, she’d have ugly hair and be a lot cooler this year.

But it does seem to work.  I spent half an hour combing her with the thing this afternoon.  It seemed like it thinned out the fine hair and left the overcoat.  She doesn’t look choppy, she doesn’t look like I did anything at all.  But there’s half a wastebasket full of hair by my bed.  There are few hairballs that just aren’t going to happen.

The cat will be better off, cooler, fewer hairballs.  Her humans will be the same.   Stepping in hairballs is really gross.

And I’m ever-so-happy.  I had an idea that worked.  Don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head.

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