I’m an atheist.

And I’m afraid to say that at work. 

Afraid I’ll be persecuted.

More afraid that I’ll be fired.

Everyone at work seems to be a theist.  A regular church-goer.  I’ve actually had people ask me what religion I am.  I’m nearly 50 years old.  I’ve never had had someone ask me that before. 

I hate to say it, but I fear the question.  I honestly worry that I could be fired, not because I don’t believe the way everyone else does, but because I don’t believe.

What I truly think; I am insignificant and ignorant and I don’t pretend to know the answers to the questions of the universe.

I think theists pretend that they do.  They pretend that every human is important and that they do know how the universe works.  The phenomenal egotism of that just astounds me.

And I’m afraid.  Afraid to talk about what I think, what I believe.  I’m afraid I’ll be fired if anyone finds out that I don’t follow the line, not the party line, but the religious line.

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