Phone call

I got a call from my Mom yesterday around noon:

Mom, “I’m worried about your father.  I sent him to the store to get napkins.  That was over an hour ago and he doesn’t have his cell phone with him.”

Me, “Mom, it’s the Fourth of July.  Picnic season.  The store is probably out so he’s trying another one.”

Mom, “I can’t leave the house in case he comes back.”

Me, starting to worry in spite of myself, “You have a cell phone, too.  Write a note and go look for him.  The store is 3 blocks away.”

Mom, “I don’t want to drive off if something’s happened to him and they call here.”

Me, “Moooom.”

Mom, “Oh, there he is.  He’s got a bag in his hand so he got them.  I’ll talk to you later.”

Me, “No, I want to know what happened.  Wait until he gets into the house.”

Mom, to Dad “Where have you been!?”

Dad, “Well, first I went to store A, then I went to store B and then I went to store C.”

“OK Mom, I’ll see you in a little while.

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