The garden has been more of a livingroom than the livingroom for a long time now.  The actual livingroom inside the house is more of a place where we drop things off on our way to somewhere else in the house.

But a few weeks ago I bought cushions for the patio chairs.  They’re wood chairs and sitting in them for very long can lead to pains in the hindquarters.  So after years of having chairs out there we now have cushions.  I thought it was a livingroom before.  Now there are stacks of books and magazines out there on the side tables.  It looks like a livingroom.  Someplace we got to sit and talk and read at the end of the day. 

The patio is gated and locked, so there’s not much chance of someone wandering and taking the stuff.  I’m not afraid that someone will walk off with our stuff.  Our tiny paradise just gets more enjoyable all the time.

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