Lake Michigan

We’re going to Lake Michigan with the family in a couple of weeks.  My parents have rented a house and the Spouse and I are flying out there. Note to self, rent a car.

My parents, on the other hand, are driving.  With my sister and her 3 children.  My parents are very brave people. 

Various other family member that live in the area are going to either stay with or visit us while we’re there.  Because of that we’ve had some interesting and highly annoying developments.  Some of the relatives that we are less close with have started inviting themselves to stay with us.  Not only themselves, but others who were also not invited.  My Dad is upset and Mom is fit to be tied.  At this point there are 5 bedrooms and a family to each bedroom.  None of us  is expected to give up their bedroom and sleep on an inflatable or the couch.  I have a feeling sharp words and hurt feelings are in the future.

My Mom told my cousin that she should inform people that unless they were directly invited, they’re not invited.  My poor cousin.  She’s the caretaker for most of the family in her area.  Her parents aren’t in the best condition and are not easy to deal with.  Her sister-in-law’s daughter is one of the self-inviters.  The daughter also invited my Aunt and Uncle.  Who are both suffering from early stages of alzheimers.   My cousin catching all the flack on this one.  I envy her not one bit.

 Despite all that I am looking forward to the trip.  The extended family rented houses on one lake or another several times during my childhood and I have fond memories.  I hope, despite all this initial upset, that we have a chance to make some more.

One thought on “Lake Michigan

  1. Oh boy, I sure wish you luck with that endeavor. Had the same thing happen a year ago – we invited another couple who proceeded to invite all their friends to share our campsite. We were in an RV and the others all in a tent. Throughout the entire 10 days our campsite (tables, chairs, etc.) was full of other people. When we wanted to use our camping table or sit in our chairs they were always full. These people would stay up until the wee hours of the morning visiting and imbibing in a loud fashion – wasn’t fun. This is an annual trip for us and this year I said NOBODY is sharing our campsite – not even the one couple we INVITED last year. I’m SO looking forward to it this year – last year was an absolute fiasco.

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