The last couple of days have been pretty productive.  I’m trying to get some project, even if only a minor one, done every day.

 Cleaned out two of the fish ponds.  Now all I need is to get some fish for them.  Maybe I’ll get some for myself and some for my dad as an early Father’s Day present.  A racoon ate all of his.  At least the last batch were cheap ones.  Not the ones he usually gets at $11 a fish.

 Cleaned out the atrium today.  The boston ivy had made it up to the roof while I was waiting for the hummingbirds to fledge.  I got most of it pulled down, except for a few lonely strands that broke while I was pulling on them.  They’ll hang their for years.  It looks all weird and bare out there now. 

I also took the stepladder out.  I’d left it in there so I could peek at the babies.

 I’m really linking the WordPress thing.  I like being able to blog from Flickr.  I can upload the photo, and blog right there.  I’d like to put slide shows of Peru and China up, but I can’t seem to find out how.  No doubt I just need to take the time to look it up and figure it out.

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