The hummingbird mom chatters.  When she arrives at the nest; when she leaves the nest.  So today while I was at my computer I checked often to see where she was.  When I heard her chatter I checked to see if she was on the nest or off. 

When she was off I went out, climbed the stepladder and gently, oh so gently tipped the leaf down so I could look into the nest.  This is what I saw.  Fuzzy bits sticking out of the nest.

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This is what I saw after.  Teeny tiny beaks!

They don’t look like hummingbirds much.  But they will. 

Momma hummer came back a few moments later. 

One thought on “Hummingbabies

  1. I just found your blog entry when I googled my own site to see if the word “hummingbabies” was coming up. This was just a way to see if my blog was getting picked up by search engines yet. It looks like you named your hummingbirds the same thing! Great minds think alike! Anyway, I know this post is a year old, but it looks like you’re still blogging. I loved your photos of the nest and babies. Aren’t these animals magnificent? I’ve also posted some great shots and am still in the process of getting more, as my grand-hummingbabies are still growing. Feel free to check out my blog at: to see my posted pictures and stories of the hummingbirds. The posts are called: Eggs anyone? and The California raisins are here. Happy Blogging!

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