Mother’s Day

I discovered a couple of things early this morning while I was preparing the bacon and sausage for breakfast at my folks house for Mother’s day.  1.  Bacon cooked in the microwave really is better.  Especially if it’s the bacon you buy at TJ’s (Trader Joe’s, to the uninitiated).  There’s none of popping and spitting and splattering you get with stove top cooking.  2.  If you cook bacon on the stove top, take your shower after you cook the bacon.  The cats all love me today.  I smell like their favorite food.

 Unfortunately Mom wasn’t feeling all that well.  She’s having problems with gastritis and colitis (TMI!  TMI!) and the doctor gave her the option of toughing it out on the new meds he’d given her or going back on prednisone. 

 She wanted not to have the fat face that goes with the steroids for a party next week.  I told her it wouldn’t be gone by then in any case.  And I’d rather she felt like going to the party with a fat face then didn’t feel like going with a thin one.  Besides, if she doesn’t go, I don’t know if Dad will, and it’s a party for those of us who went to Peru. 

 So she did, with very little convincing, take a prednisone.  The dosage is pretty low and hopefully her new meds will kick in pretty soon.  That part of Mother’s day was not so hot.

 What was good was that me and my two sisters sat around and talked and laughed.  That hasn’t happened in ages.  I won’t go into the reasons, but for a long time, though the bodies were there, it’s felt like we weren’t all in the same place.  I didn’t know how much I missed it until I had it back.

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