Advice on men

At breakfast on Mother’s Day my youngest sister’s twin girls started talking about boys.  Boys that they liked, boys that liked them, boys that they didn’t like.  Youngest sister started giving advice.  “No, you don’t like him.  He’s a pain in the butt.”  The kid she was talking about, while not actively bad, is always getting trouble.  Being told not to do something (jump on the furniture, throw balls at the walls of the house), stopping, then starting up again moments later, almost unconsciously. 

 Then there was the boy that one of the twins started to like that the other twin liked, too.  That started the advice-a-thon.  These are the things we came up with, and told them.  Some they understood, some they didn’t.  The men at the table sat there, open mouthed, listening to us give romantic advice to 10-year-olds.

  1. He has to treat you nice 
  2. He’s got to be smart
  3. He should be funny
  4. He shouldn’t get into too much trouble
  5. Your mother should like him (this one brought up the comment, ‘Well, that depends on what your Mom is like.’
  6. Must have good personal hygiene (This because the girls know a boy with black teeth.  How the heck to you have black teeth at 10?)
  7. Cute is useful, but not really important

There you have it, advice on love for 10-year-olds.

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