Working hours

More changes for my hours at work.  And while I’m not really happy about the reduction in hours, I’m thrilled about the hours I work.

 The total number of hours I can work has been cut, not a lot, but cut.  Fortunately it won’t mean anything drastic to the budget, just a stringing out of the projects that need doing.

 Now I don’t have to be at work until 10 am.  Exercises are now getting done before work!  Before they just weren’t getting done on work days at all.  Now I can get up, do my exercises, eat breakfast and maybe even do something else all before I even have to be at work. 

 The only time exercise was a habit in my life was when I had the frame shop and didn’t have to be to work until 10.  Here’s hoping I can add the habit back in again.

2 thoughts on “Working hours

  1. I’ve noted the change on my list. Andrew’s going to be minus a LOT of writers. Too bad, so sad. Stay in touch. I love the colors of your site.

  2. Okay. You get that exercise thing worked out and then you rub some of it off on me. Thanks! The blog looks great, by the way!

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